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Claudio Zucca Parfums

Mineral Wood

Mineral Wood

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Extrait de Parfum

Concentration: 35%

Olfactory pyramid
Head: sweet orange, olibanum, frankincense abs, premium bergamot, tangerine
Heart: cypress, iso&super, cedarwood, sandalwood, smoke
Base: musk accord, oak absolute, vetiver from Haiti, resinoid olibanum

Mineral Wood

Smoking embers of sacred wood offered as a gift, as a ritual seal of an austere and elegant silence, where the fresh and luminous scents of citrus fruits contrast with the depth of smoked woods, in a continuous olfactory whirlwind, where an arbitrary incense coats and envelops with the its mineral metallic notes, in search of a horizon in which the sacred and the profane merge in a purple fraternal and indissoluble embrace.

My olfactory memory:   

the atmosphere that I breathed during the functions held in the Basilica Santuario Maria Santissima del Mazzaro in Mazzarino, my mother's birthplace, where the embers of an austere and clerical incense smoking from a laborious Sunday thurible united in an embrace indissoluble to the enveloping breezes full of citrus fruits, woods and resins which, from the surrounding fields, filled the baroque naves of a church full of charm and mysticism.


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