I tell myself

My story

Born and raised in the province of Milan, born in 1985, it is thanks to my mother's great love for the world of perfumery, that from an early age I came into contact with and refined my knowledge of fragrances, inevitably inheriting the same passion that over the years will gradually become larger and more consolidated.

Demonstrating from a young age a great propensity towards the field of graphic and artistic subjects, in 2009 I obtained the master's degree in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, and having obtained the qualification to practice the profession, I decided to start my professional career, but without ever neglecting the passion for the world of perfumes, limiting myself only to the role of consumer.

The years go by, and professional satisfactions are not lacking, but it is only during a very difficult moment that I decide to approach the world of olfactory composition, discovering a new way of expressing myself and conceiving that passion which previously only showed me one side of its medal.
Whole nights of smelling and mixing, combining and experimenting, thus lead me, always with a self-taught spirit, to further investigate what is the reality of formulation and compositional chemistry, studying and documenting myself in an ever more detailed way regarding the subjects of perfumery, starting from natural selections (absolute, extracts, concrete, extraction methods…), to deepening the interactions between synthetic products or aromachemicals, to consolidating the understanding of the basis of compositional theory such as notes, chords and olfactory pyramids.
Years of experiments and tests, combined with the spirit of sharing, thus lead to the present day, the desire to create, together with my wife Nadia, what I want to consider one of the most beautiful and greatest challenges of my life, namely the birth of the line " Claudio Zucca Parfums”, a line of fragrances of my creation, which tells and represents me, which speaks of me, of my experience, and of my vision of perfumery, attempting to propose something new and original on the scenes of a theater today full of fragrances, and where the feeling that everything has already been introduced, and that nothing new can be added anymore is the master.

The line

The fragrances of this line deeply express who created them. They are deliberately made elegant and composed, calm and polite, whispered and caressing, but still endowed with incisive power and character. The clear and careful research and selection of the best raw materials opens the door to a luminous olfactory evolution that stands out for its elegance.
(cited by Bruno Perrucci, perfumer).

Fragrances in the Extrait de Parfum version, with a percentage concentration of materials equal to 35%, thanks to their continuous evolution, offer an intense and sensorial olfactory journey for each fragrance.

Good olfactory experience.