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Claudio Zucca Parfums

Eden Amber

Eden Amber

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Extrait de Parfum

Concentration: 35%

Olfactory pyramid
Head: green apple, yuzu, pineapple
Heart: amber, pink pepper, calone, cashmeran, black currant
Base: sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, labdanum absolute, ambergris, oakmoss, olibanum

Eden Amber

Perfect eternal and indissoluble balance, donated by a sweet and ethereal amber that directs the harmonious encounter with the forbidden fruit of a paradisiacal garden where there is no evil, and the sweet and pungent citrus fruits tickle the smell of the creatures from the surrounding fronds they inhabit it, softened and smoothed by the musky scents of the centuries-old oaks that frame a horizon in which a crystal clear sky blends with the golden dust floating in the air, revealed by the pale and soft rays of a new timid and promising dawn.

My olfactory memory:   

a new beginning, the discovery of a new olfactory chapter: my first "niche" fragrance in the form of a Christmas gift, crowning a very important educational milestone, and which marked my entry into the world of artistic perfumery, thus opening the doors to a new sensory reality. But what this fragrance represents is nothing more than the fruit of an imaginative olfactory journey that had taken shape in my imagination even before receiving that gift, an olfactory representation that could not be more distant and different from that iconic fragrance than from there. little by little I would have discovered: the synesthetic result of a mind which, in the light of a known olfactory pyramid, had imagined what Eden Amber is today.

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Customer Reviews

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Una difficile scelta

Dopo aver acquistato due Discovery set è stato molto difficile fare una scelta: tutte le fragranze di Claudio Zucca sono autentici capolavori. Eden Amber è stato il primo amore, mai uguale nel corso della giornata, persistente e meraviglioso fino a sera. Appuntamento a Velvet Rose❤️


Fantastic, first it smells fresh and fruity. In the dry down it becomes comforting, near, cosy and absolutely lovely. A true unisex perfume.


La perfetta rappresentazione del Giardino dell’Eden , ricco di frutta succosa, frizzante per poi andare verso un sottofondo dolce. Sento molto la mela verde,che ritengo la protagonista di questo splendido racconto.


L'ho acquistato dopo aver visto la recensione di uno youtuber spagnolo che assicurava fosse una macchina da complimenti: ordinato al volo, arrivato questa mattina, e 2 colleghi mi hanno già chiesto che profumo indossassi, e siamo solo a metà giornata!!!
Complimenti assicurati veramente!

Mauro G.
Il profumo del paradiso

Questo profumo è qualcosa di magnifico, è luminoso, rassicurante e confortevole alto stesso tempo