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Claudio Zucca Parfums

Bois Primitif

Bois Primitif

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Extrait de Parfum

Concentration: 35%

Olfactory pyramid
Head: bergamot, blueberry, cinnamon
Heart: lavender, damask rose
Base: cedar wood, vanilla, musky accord, ambroxan

Bois primitif

A simple complexity, permeated with a reserved and composed elegance. A natural freshness, a breathless run in the heart of a primordial and primitive wood, where vast and luxuriant green bushes full of fruit accompany you, and the sweet damp woods, in their musky and velvety robes, welcome you softly in a maternal and reassuring embrace , seeking a dream that transports you to the middle of a boundless lavender field swaying and dancing in the gentle spring wind.

My olfactory memory:
a leap into the past, when as a kid, together with my uncle and my cousins, we used to explore nature and the surrounding woods by making long excursions through the Groane Park, darting at full speed on the saddle of our mountain bikes: soft woods and forest fruits filled my nostrils, and the soft mosses made the ground soft under the wheels as we passed, surrounded by a world that to my eyes appeared to be ancestral and primordial, and my mind fantasized about exploring ancient and uncontaminated vegetation, where hand of man had not yet arrived.


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